1. Anna says:

    I think Ruby has come along way and wish her all the best… Though I feel it is a shame that she followed trend with loosing weight for the clothing lauch, photo shoot!…

    Ruby looked so much better and healthier before the weight loss or should I say before the Milk and Honey photos where taken and published.

    Thats what I liked so much about ruby she had a curve to her figure, it wasnt too much or too little ;(

    Oh well, I love my size 10 !

  2. Graphics Australia says:

    You go Ruby..

  3. maggie nicol says:

    ruby rose.
    you are so cool, and really pretty.
    your clothes are amazing and i love them (:
    your hair is gorgeous, it looks really nice blonde.
    im a huuuge fan of you, and at the moment i am doing a project on you :D
    i love youuuu !
    bye x

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