1. Arya says:

    That’s great for the girls, but what about the guys. We always end up with our girlfriends lip stick and other essentials because of we have pockets!

    What do you recommend for us to still look cool, but have enough pockets to carry more than a mobile phone, some cash and pack of gum?

    • Zoe says:

      Good question Arya.

      When cargo pants and shorts were in it was too easy. But now that the shorter, more streamlined shorts are in – there is barely enough room for your wallet let alone your lady friends lip gloss.

      Its pretty tough for guys on the bag front too – you either go uber-metro in a man bag, or look like you’re up to know good in a bum bag. Not very good options.

      I actually stumbled across an awesome mini-satchel for guys by accident. I bought one of those old-school canvas bags from an army disposal store to carry around my digital SLR camera – and my boyfriend totally stole it!

      They come in heaps of different colours and sizes and are under 10 bux – perfect for festival days.

      Check it: http://tinyurl.com/yhkxgco

      Hope this helps :)


  2. Harley says:

    Got one of these for running and turned out the be pretty awesome festival gear. http://store.spibelt.com/category-s/2.htm
    Really tiny in comparison to a bum bag but big enough for a camera and keys etc. Turned around could hardly notice it under a tshirt.

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